Technical & Business Consultancy Service

Success = experience & knowledge & foresight


YLS Consulting AB supports Life Science companies with competence and experience within  technology know-how, business, marketing and sales support - with a focus on LifeSciences.

Selling and thereby creating income is usually the biggest hurdle for small, start-up companies to achieve their financial goals. 
Creation of "market-desired" products along with appropriate documentation is the  preparation for cash generation. Identifying, networking, promoting and finally selling  those products and services to appropriate customers is essential for survival and further growth.

Competent sales are the foundation for any  company success steering all other company activities...

Our mission is to support Life Science companies in

  • Understanding the market, its environment and the challenges
  • Creation of the right products / services
  • Establishing and improving the "sell-ability" of the product / service
  • Sparking and increasing the sales of Life Science products

YLS Company AB has since 2015 successfully supported young High-Tech companies to improve their

  • Product definition
  • Marketing material
  • Customer base
  • Sales numbers

Our areas of technical and business competence are in
  • Separation and Purifications
  • Encapsulations
  • Cosmetics Ingredients
  • Food Ingredients
  • Health Ingredients
  • Natural Raw Materials

A steady stream of income is the natural goal for each and every company.